Q. Do you have minimum orders.
A. Yes, minimum order is 100 chair covers.
For other than chair covers (ie. table linen, sashes, runners, etc...), the minimum order must add up to $2000.00  or more. It can be a combination of different items to meet the min.order.  If you wish to purchase less than the minimum there is a freight charge of $550.00 added to the order. 

Q.  What is a standard chair cover size.
A.  There is no actual standard, even by country.  We recommend the TP-2 size in Scuba fabric as it has a 30% stretch to it due to some lycra being used in the fabric. It fits most all standard cushioned, stackable banquet hall chairs, 37.5 inches in height or smaller.  The PL styles (self tie, bag, paris style, wrap style) fits pretty much everything out there.

Q. Are there any special washing requirements.
A. No, all the products are 100% polyester so they are machine washable and dryable.  They will not shrink.

Q. Do you offer samples.
A. Yes, we can offer fabric samples for you to look at prior to ordering.  Sample packages are custom made and cost for samples, shipping & handling is $25.00 - $100.00 depending on sample package put together for you.  For a single chair cover style it is $25.00 for a package of chair cover, organza swatches, satin swatch, damask swatches the price is $100.00


  Q. How long will my order take.
A. Look at our shipping category, but to summarize Air is 3-4 weeks, Sea is 6-9 weeks.

Q. Do I have to pay you 100% up front.
A. Total payment is due to process your order.  You are free to pay by credit card, debit, wire transfer, cheque or cash.  

Q. Do you accept COD, what methods of payment are there.
A. We do not accept COD. We do accept major credit cards, certified cheques, wire transfers and cash.

Q. What currency are you charging in.
A. Charges/Prices are in Canadian (CDN) Dollars.

Where are you located.
A. Our head office is located in Toronto.


Frequently Asked Questions
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